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King - UI/UX and Character Design

This work has been done during my summer internship at King in 2015 in Berlin.

Unfortunately, the game has been cancelled, so what I share here were only researches and WIPs for a new concept.

Ines robin leveleditorplaceholderassets king inesrobin

Level editor placeholder assets created for the Game Design team in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Ines robin charadesignfinal king inesrobin crop

Final design of the Sagittarius character with a set of expressions. Done in Illustrator, polished in Photoshop, exported for animation in Spine.
Below, color researches.

Ines robin charadesignsketches king inesrobin clean

Character design sketches.
Looked for new body shapes and how to represent the Zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Ines robin week4 panel 17 colorking inesrobin

Polished proposition for the visual style of the game menus, entirely done with Illustrator.

Ines robin artwip ui panels 27 07 inesrobin king clean

Researches for the visual style of the interface of the game. Rendered in Illustrator.

Ines robin hud ux researches king inesrobin crop

UX Research mock-ups for the HUD of the game.
Looking for the most efficient way to fit all the info around the game board: score, goals, moves, boosters, settings, and the character with its power-up bar.