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Environment studies #1

Studies from paintings or photos, most of them done with Photoshop, some with real paint or the software Rebelle.

Ines robin yellowmountain2

Study of a photo from Dane Deaner done with the software Rebelle.

Ines robin img 20171113 145105 fix

Watercolor study from personal photos.

Ines robin study mountains by lap12

Massif des Cercles, from a photo by Florian Eymard

Ines robin 7

Study from a photo by Malleni-Stock

Ines robin pissaro practice

Study from a Pissaro's painting.

Ines robin practice enviro 1 cut

Quick studies from personal photos, trying to capture good colors, lights and compositions.

Ines robin skystudies

Studies from real life, looking at the sky through my window.