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Afterward is an Action-RPG playable on PC with a controller, created by a team of 7 students from Supinfogame-Rubika on Unity 5. It has been awarded Best Student Game at the '16 Bit Awards Ceremony organized by Playcrafting NYC:

During this 1-year long project, I was the lead 2D Artist of the game, mostly in charge of creating concept arts, interface and textures, in addition of help my teammates with the creation of 3D Assets and shaders.

More information about the game here and here . Both websites have been designed by me.

Ines robin pitch3

Afterward is set in a post-apocalyptic world submerged by water where the populations have returned to a tribal state of life. The player's avatar is a shaman who has survived the apocalypse and can use her knowledge of technology to fight monsters.

Ines robin intention 3

In Afterward, you will fight monsters in melee, use spells on your distorsions to kill your enemies and solve puzzles, and explore your environment.

Ines robin concepts

Concept arts for the main character, a female shaman who has survived the apocalypse but lost her arm, and another shaman and tribal people.
Some researches for the environment, universe and mood as well.

Ines robin portraits

On the left, shamans. The top one is the main character and the player's avatar. The bottom one is a hologram of a dead shaman.
On the right, tribal people, the bottom one being a crazy woman.

Ines robin ui afterward

UI/UX created for the game.
I entirely created the HUD, visible at the bottom of the screen. It needed to show a life bar, boost bars, the number of distorsions available and the spells.
All has been integrated and animated within Unity's canvas.

Ines robin colorscript1

Color researches for the overall mood of the game environments

Ines robin afterward visuel 8

In-game screenshot (without UI)

Ines robin afterward visuel 6

In-game screenshot (without UI)

Ines robin afterward3d

Creation, optimization and texturing of low-poly environment assets.

Ines robin afterward groundtextures

Tiling textures hand-painted to cover all the grounds in Afterward.

Ines robin afterward poster robin ines

Large poster created for the presentation of the game at the final jurys. Painted on Photoshop.