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Tilting Point - Graphic Design/Marketing Art

Not exactly UI/UX design, I created these pictures while working at Tilting Point, a mobile game publisher based in New-York.

I used the assets from the game developers, such as key-arts and in-game screenshots, combined with stock pictures, and worked them around to create good visual assets. This meant I worked on the composition of the pictures, the colors, the fonts and effects such as creating buttons, pushing my overpainting and Photoshop skills further. The goal being to make the pictures appealing while staying close to the games' art directions and working on tight deadlines.

Ines robin asosiege cut

App Store screenshots created for the mobile game Siege: Titan Wars.
I made the in-game screenshots look better (composition, light), created a new banner style for the text, and worked on the composition and effects of the cards screens.

Ines robin emailheaders inesrobin cut

E-mail headers for Languinis and Photo Finish: Horse Racing.
Using existing key-arts, I created appealing buttons to ask the reader to answer a survey, and worked on the composition of the images.

Ines robin ingameinterstitials inesrobin cut

In-game interstitials for Photo Finish and Languinis.
Some were pushed in-game using Swerve, so they needed to have a specific mock-up.
Using the in-game assets, key-arts and photobashing, I entirely created and translated these interstitials.

Ines robin asolanguinis cut

App store screenshots for Languinis.
Looking for a new banner for the text, and re-using and enhancing in-game assets and key-art.