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UX/UI Mock-up - Triple Town (mobile game)

Here is a breakdown of my process of a practice I've done to improve the UI/UX of the mobile game Triple Town.

Before working on the visual style of the interface (UI), I always break down the game design and interactions needed by the player in lists, flow charts and mock-ups that I discuss with the Game Design team. On this practice I have worked on my own, so I just based my decisions on my experience with the game. In a real development process, you MUST test your interface with playtesters, because no one reacts the same with the game in their hands; you must then iterate based on their feedback to compromise on the most efficient UX.

After creating the assets in Illustrator and/or Photoshop, I am able to import them in Unity and create a canvas to set up all the interface elements for the game in a responsive way.

Triple Town is a cute puzzle game made by Spryfox that you can download on the Apple and Google stores (it's also available on Steam).

Ines robin comparison

On the left, a screenshot from the mobile game Triple Town.
On the right, the same screenshot with my UI/UX rework of the HUD.

Ines robin ux tripletown capture3

List of all the main interface elements present in the game.
I estimate their importance based on their relation to the core gameplay and the monetization.
Looks between button/menus/etc should be coherent.

Ines robin tripletown ux

Simple flowchart of the interactions around the core gameplay of the game, based on the list above.
This can help to communicate with the team and see more easily connections and redundant items in the present interface (such as the current item button).

Ines robin tripletown mockup 2 01

Problems that I have found with the interface of Triple Town mobile, and a simple mock-up to suggest an improved version, easier to read and use.
Emphasizing on the monetization assets such as the store is important to motivate the player to buy.

Ines robin tripletown mockup 05 05

Final mock-up with all the assets created in Illustrator.